Having a partner who works for Delta airlines has its perks. The Friday after Thanksgiving I flew to Hawaii to watch my hometown football team take the State Championship. GO RED RAIDERS!!!! It was thrilling and I loved every minute of it from the kick-off to the drive home. The cars drove back to the North Shore from Aloha Stadium caravan style and we honked our horns the entire time. People lined the streets as we approached the school boundaries. They had signs and banners and they were cheering. By the time we got to the high school it felt like we were on a parade route. The school busses with the players stopped about 1/4 mile before the entrance to the highschool. The players got off of the busses and walked up the highway. It gave me goosebumps. I’m so proud of those boys, of the highschool, and of our community.

Last year they were undefeated and the day before the state championship a decision was made to disqualify them from playing. They apparently had an ineligible player (one student had repeated 8th grade and he was 3rd string). Not only did they not get to play in the championship, their entire season was wiped out. Tragically there was a suicide as the result of that situation. The community mourned and grieved and then banded together for this season.

In 2011 they were not undefeated – they fought their way back to the top and what sweet redemption it was!!! All Hail, Kahuku Hail!!!