I began blogging back in 2006 as a way to share my experiences as a mother of two children being raised by two women. At the time I was in a relationship that after seven years ended due to my infidelity. My blog became much more than what it was originally intended to be. It became my vehicle to express myself through words as I navigated my way through life’s obstacles. Along the way I shared about my experience with gastric bypass, weight loss, adultery, finding love again, losing my current partner’s children and my struggle with alcohol addiction. Over the past two plus years my writing came to a halt. It wasn’t because I ran out of things to say. The reality is that in those two years I could have written more than I did in the four years prior combined. I didn’t have the heart to write. I didn’t have the courage to share. That has all changed now. A few weeks ago my dear friend was in town visiting from California and asked me when I was going to blog again. I told her I would blog that night and I didn’t. Today I am making good on my word and going forward I will once again be sharing my thoughts and feelings. This time I will not be holding back. My blog will become my outlet for sharing my experience, strength and hope as it relates to my journey through life as my authentic self; as a mother, a partner, an alcoholic in recovery and most importantly as KAI. Welcome back to my blog. Take what you like and leave the rest behind.